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We welcome you with loving kindness and gratitude for your time and interest in OmPurna. Whether you are seeking an expanded awareness of the rich benefits from the practice of yoga and meditation or simply searching for yoga apparel, yoga mats, blocks, or incense, candles, lamps, essential oils, to elevate your yoga/meditation experience, my staff and I are honored to greet you and present you with our contribution to one of life’s richest, time-proven disciplines. We believe yoga and meditation necessarily come together as an endless, powerful source of personal healing, heightened awareness and a well of rich, flowing energy to heal and fortify the mind, body and spirit. You are here not by chance, but through an inner calling to tap into the rich, warm, source of life and wellness. You seek a better you.

For thousands of years, the chant Om, ओम, in Nepali, when  spoken in calm, tranquil repetition, links the mind to all life. All matter, living or inanimate,  exists through vibration at the atomic level. If an object’s or living creature’s vibration  were to monetarily cease, it would disappear from view and touch – gone. Om resonates  at a frequency of 432 Hz, the universal frequency of all things living or natural. Om is  believed to be the vibration which occurred at the beginning of time itself. Through the  millennia, and at this moment, Om issues from individual meditations and the gatherings  of monastic monks in daily reverential chants. It is timeless, and it is life in its essence. Is it  not thoroughly comforting to know we can open the portal of our mind and connect to  the Source through a disciplined practice of meditation and yoga?  

 Purna, पूणर in Nepali, is simply wholeness or fullness. It is a reference to something  complete in its essence. What could provide a more complete source of personal healing  and wellness than a devotion to the practice of yoga and meditation? Yoga provides a  graduated elevation of the body’s core components to establish a new feeling of  complete wellness and vitality derived through dedicated time and practice. The world  around us continues on a course of chaos and separation from the Divine or the Source.  We find ourselves contending with increased demands, obligations, and commitments in a  frenetic pursuit of a better life for ourselves and our families. Should we not explore  what has been ours always? Should we not slow the tempo through a devotion or  commitment to ourselves? In doing so, we become more grounded, more peaceful, and  better equipped to take on our daily duties and commitments.  

From all of us at OmPurna, we want you to find well being and true happiness. It is our mission to accompany you on the journey.

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